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Slot Car Music

Cat Eyed People, a duo consisting of Marita Isaksson and Geert Madsen 

Have you ever thought about all the sounds that are around you? 

A soundscape is surrounding us all the time. It consists of a multitude of different  sounds like your own breathing, a car passing by, the wind, a glass being dropped and  breaking into thousand pieces, etc. 

Try to stop for a second or two and just listen; 

What do you hear? 

What different sounds can you identify? 

Try this in different environments; on the bus on your way home, when you are taking a walk in a forest or even in the grocery store. 

We humans experience sound in different ways and what is an unpleasant sound for another person might be comforting to you.  Sounds have different origins coming from e.g. technology, other humans, nature, your  self and so on. 

We think that sounds are exciting. We like to listen to the sounds around us and explore them. Some we amplify. Some we change for other purposes, both digitally and analog. 

With Slot Car Music we want to bring this love of sounds to you. We want to introduce you to our playful experiment with sound and thereby to start thinking in new ways about sound and music. What we will do together is to build a loop oriented musical instrument based on a standard old-fashioned slot car racetrack. We will fit it with small tiny sounds and larger loud banging sounds build with everyday things. A rubber band might become a bas guitar, a coconut a drum and so on. Sounds will take a new meaning when added into another context and together we will explore this with the help of microphones and off course our ears. 

Slot Car Music is created by Cat Eyed People, a duo consisting of Marita Isaksson and Geert Madsen whom creates interactive installations based around sound, music and visuals with exhibitions in Denmark and Sweden and has their own lab, Cat Eyed People´s Playground, in a shipping container by the river in central Gothenburg. 

Cat Eyed People 

Email: cateyedpeople@coscene.org  

Web: https://coscene.org/cat-eyed-people/