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Silence Interrupted

Torkell Bernsen, University of Bergen
In the video installation Silence Interrupted, a three meter tall tree trunk becomes a canvas for a projected video. The cylindrical surface of the tree urges the audience to move around the tree, never to be locked in position. The balancing and the equality of the sensuous qualities of the wooden trunk with the visuals added by the projected images is central to the installation. The installation is part of a research project concerned with how physical spaces can incorporate digital screen content towards human centred experiences and interaction. At the moment this research project is looking at how motion graphics, as time based visuals and sound can be experienced and produced in a dialogue with spatial and sensuous means of expression. The research project finds itself in the context of emerging screen technology such as Virtual reality and Augmented reality, but chose to promote alternative ways of thinking towards a more sensuous digital experience. Various experiments, in the combining of projected video and physical environments are conducted in order to gather insights into this merging of the digital and the physical.