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Tuesday 30th May

Wednesday 31th May

Thursday 1st June


Keynote: Alex Ruthmann

Designing Technologies for Creative Music Making and Learning.

Room: F118

Chair: Sigrid Jordal Havre


Keynote: Hilde Kramer
Visual storytelling: Making a picture book on Frida Kahlo´s Life And Art Through Analog And Digital Resources

Room: F118

Chair: Ture Schwebs

10:0011:30 WORKSHOPS

Parallel session 1 (10:00–11:30)

Room: F106

Andrew Burn:
Using game-authoring tools

Parallel session 2 (10:00–11:30)
Room: F118

Eldar Skjørten:
How may students compose music and soundscapes for presentations?

10:0011:30 WORKSHOPS

Parallel Session 1 (10:00–11:30)
Room: F106

Alex Ruthmann: Musical Playgrounds: Hands-on exploration of the MusEDLab creative apps.

Parallel Session 2 (10:00–11:30)
Room: F118

Ellen Birgitte Johnsrud
Sigrun Lindaas Nordhagen: DIDLE: Development of Innovative Digital Learning solutions for transnational language and cultural education


Registration outside room F118
Light lunch in the cafeteria


Lunch in the cafeteria

Final keynote: Lauri Väkeva "Rebooting music education. How to transform our professional philosophies to better answer to the challenges of the digital era".

Room: F118

Chair: Silje Valde Onsrud


Summing up: F118


• Opening by Berit Rokne, rector of Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Room: F118

12:3014:00 WORKSHOPS
Parallel session 1
Room: F106
Hilde Kramer:
Constructing image-text dynamics in picturebooks

Parallel session 2 (12:30–14:00)
Room: F118

Matti Ruippo:
Free online resources for music classroom


Keynote: Andrew Burn

"In defence of the media arts"

Room: F118

Chair: Jon Hoem


Lunch in the cafeteria


Paper session 1 (14:00–15:30)

Chair: Silje Valde Onsrud

Room: F118

14:00–14:20: Ture Schwebs
A portrait of the artist as a young man: A reading of the picturebook app Billy’s Booger: A Memoir (sorta)

14:20–14:40: Camilla Jonasson
Gender and creative music making using digital tools

14:40–15:00: Torkell Bernsen

Silence Interrupted

15:00–15:30: Odd Torleiv Furnes

Silence Interrupted – about the music

Paper session 2 (14:00–15:30)

Chair: Sigrid Jordal Havre

Room: F106

14:00–14:20: Hege Emma Rimmereide

Multimodal storylines in Language Learning

14:20–14:40: Jon Hoem
In Search of 360 Poetics

14:40–15:00: Aslaug Louise Sletta
Peer Learning and digital tools in higher music education

15:00–15:30: Paul Sutton (on Skype):
Push/Pull: Dramatizing the global migration crisis with smartphone web apps


Paper session 3 (14:15–15:30)

Chair: Ture Schwebs

Room: F118

14:15–14:30: Rigmor Davidsen Titt and Egil Haugland: Musical performance on the recorder and the guitar

14:30–14:50: Georgina Murphy Clifford
Learning to play the recorder at school puts children off music for life

14:50–15:10: Tomi Dufva
Creative coding in Käsityökoulu Robotti
(art & craft school Robotti)

15:10–15:30: Lykke Guanio-Uluru
Digital Nature: A reading of medal properties in the children’s app Kubbe Makes Shadow Theatre



16:0017:30 WORKSHOP
Plenum session,
Room: B444

Marita Isaksson & Geert Madsen: Slot Car Music (Cat Eyed People)

16:0017:30 WORKSHOPS

Parallel session 1 (16:00–17:30)
Room: F118

Jon Hoem:
Working with 360-panoramas

Parallel session 2 (16:00–17:30)
Room: C413

Sunny Choi:
Collaborative Improvisation Workshop using Popular Music and Online Technologies

Reception in the library

Barbecue in the café garden

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