A little boy is running at the street, passing a white dog, and a bird sitting in a tree nearby.

Constructing image-text dynamics in picturebooks – Hilde Kramer

In multimodal texts two or more communiction modes converge. In picturebooks written text and pictures
are combined to form a meaning-making system. In this workshop the participants are challenged to create their own multimodal narrative.
They will be able to try and get evaluated alternative roles and expressions for the words and the images.

Equipment needed
Prior to the workshop the participants need to have installed an image-editing software on their PC or Mac
(a free test version of Photoshop can be downloaded).

Workshop registration
Register for the workshop here.

Hilde Kramer is Professor of Illustration at Department of Design, University of Bergen, Norway.
In her artwork Kramer uses various techniques, like drawing, painting, and datagraphics.
She has illustrated numerous books, particularly children’s books, and written her own books and produced animation films